1.  Form of homogeneous surfaces

 Homogeneous surfaces are available in the form of sheets of specific dimensions and various thickness.


A)           Dimensions 368cm x 76cm

B)            Thickness 6, 12, 19mm

Note: The dimensions of the sheets remain the same regardless the colour.

2.   Material construction

 It is a solid, nonporous surface construction material with homogeneous substance: 1/3 acrylic resin and 2/3 natural ores.

 Its main ingredient is the trihydrate alumina that comes from bauxite, the mineral from which also aluminum is manufactured.

 3. Material usage and constructions

 The homogeneous surface is a material mostly used in worktops, laboratory furniture, kitchen counters and sinks, bathroom walls, hygienic appliance, restaurants, banks, airports, hospitals, and generally in sanitary places, public reception and catering. Other typical appliances include table surfaces, serving trays, toilet parts, window sills and numerous architectural or decorative appliances. It offers elegant appearance and behavior accompanied by main advantages: it is solid, hard, its nonporous surface is resistant and can remain clean with the usage of simple domestic cleansing products. Because of its solid substance, the colour and the pattern remain in the whole thickness of the material. Cuts, scratches and other micro damages, can easily be removed, restoring the surface to its original beauty.

 4.   Range of options

 The range of options is unlimited since there is the ability to choose between at least 120 unique colours which are able to satisfy almost every one of your colour “concerns”.

 As far as kitchen worktops and not only these are concerned, there is the ability to construct a special edge trim depending on your needs and aesthetics. The very practical weir can also be constructed.

 Because except for hygienic the kitchen worktop has to be practical as well, there are solution that can cover every demand.

             Sinks, single or double

             Sinks perched, sunk or inset

             With stainless bottom


             Inox heat shields

             Curved back for easy cleaning and approval form health organizations.

 5. Technical characteristics and benefits

 -              Nonporous

-              Antibacterial- antimicrobial

-              Does not stain

-              Unaffected by UV rays

-              Easy to maintain and renew

-              Creates almost invisible compounds

-              Repairs without signs of intervention

-              Ecological- recyclable

-              Heat curved

-              Light transparent colour options

-              Beautiful “poured” optical result


6.  Care and maintenance


By following some simple tips, you will be able to maintain the furniture with homogeneous surfaces literally new for many years.


-              When you wish for deep cleansing, just a sweep with a lightly wet cloth and a lightly chloride or ammonium solution, is enough.

-              As it is indicated for every kitchen worktop or piece of furniture, you should not cut or hit anything directly to the surface. Always use a separate cutting surface.

-              When you dispose hot liquid in the sinks it would be better if you would open the cold faucet at the same time. This way you can protect the waste traps as well from sudden expansion.

-              By also sweeping the wastewaters you prevent the accumulation of salt and retaining of stains.

-              The homogeneous surfaces are unaffected by various of chemicals. Nevertheless, it would be better to wipe and rinse after any contact of chemical with the worktop, and especially of paint thinners.

-              About every two weeks (depending on the usage and the colour) sweep with light pressure all of the surface with a Scotch- Brite sponge with the green surface. Every tiny scratch will disappear.