Woodcam, a Greek family

50 years of history and one great passion: cooking.

 We have always produced kitchens only, created and made to improve the lives of those who live, day in and day out, in the most convivial area of the house. We design and create outstanding quality products exclusively in Greece that are actually affordable for every family and young people.

That’s why a Woodcam kitchen originates from authentic values like commitment, honesty, respect and originality— in Greece and in another countries around the world, with a constantly growing market.

• Commitment to doing our very best with every single kitchen, directly at your house.

• Honesty to turn our projects into truly sustainable living areas.

• Respect for the nature that surrounds us, and for the entire production chain.

• Originality to be increasingly competitive when it comes to technological and practical innovation


This is how we build our kitchens, day by day.

 Thinking of you.